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Subject Recruitment, Screening, & Management

We maintain an active database of volunteers for BA/BE study. Prior to each study, we screen our volunteers at an ISO-certified clinical testing laboratory to ensure that the study volunteers meet the inclusion criteria according to the approved clinical study protocol.

Pharma Metric Labs ensures the volunteers for the study receive very thorough explanation of the risks and benefits of their participation. Our team will ensure that all volunteers sign an Informed Consent Form before enrolling in the study.

We conduct BA/BE studies at our 24-bed in-house clinical facility, with dedicated areas for phlebotomy, counseling, and recreation and dining rooms. Our team closely monitors the vital signs of our volunteers to ensure their safety at all times. The in-house clinical facility is within 1 kilometer from a nearby hospital equipped with ICU to handle emergencies. Alternatively, we can conduct BA/BE studies at our partner hospital in Jakarta to ensure direct access to ICU within the same building. All of our clinical facilities are regularly audited and inspected to ensure that they meet the high standard of Good Clinical Practice.